So here's an odd thing.

A ZEN 4.01 application will NOT show up on a ZEN 6.5 workstation until I
"convert" the app to 6.5 (where it asks about importing the legacy
settings for the availability options)

THAT part makes sense.

However, all our apps had this as a system requirement:

OS = 2000/XP
version = 5.00.2195

In ZEN 4.01 it would change this to be:


In ZEN 6.5 when it imports the legacy rules it changes it to be:


The problem is that when it's set this way, the workstations DON'T
see/get the applications.

ONLY when I go in and modify the ZEN 6.5 set to be:

5.00.2195 and click apply do they then show up

The problem is that if you then re-open the app with the 6.5.1 snapins
it shows:

5.0.2195.x and a few minutes later the workstations won't see the app