The Brief Question:
Is there a way to set a workstations Application Launcher to look only
for Workstation Associated Applications? I want to basically "break" NAL
on a couple PC's so that it ignores what is associated to the User object.

The Long-Winded story:
I have a call center that has applications associated to the User
objects. The users log-in and receive their apps at their terminals.
This works well. No matter where they sit, they get their particular apps

I have a break-room with a PC that I want the users to log into. I want
this to be a "Kiosk" type machine that only gives users IE. The main
requirement is that the user MUST login to eDirectory. We use login
scripts to execute NAL. So NAL will run and they will get all their
apps. They are not supposed to have anything other than IE on this

I could disable the login script from running on this pc, which would
prevent the user's apps... but I rather not do this.

I could create an application availability that looks for a text file or
registry key that indicates this is a "Kiosk" so the apps don't show
up... but that means touching tens of thousands (actually) of application
objects in our tree... I rather not do this.

I have windows group policies locking down other stuff on the machine...
but I don't think this is the way to prevent NAL apps from showing.

I simply need this particular workstation's NAL to ignore what is
associated to the User object and that would do the trick. I am sure
there is some way to do this.

Any ideas?