Hi there, we are part of a school district that is rolling out zenworks
accross all of our schools. Recently, on a novell 6.5 server, with
Zenworks 6.5, we have a horrible proiblem.

Nalexpld.exe is set to run from the login script, it is set to push down
to all users:
@\\server\sys\public\nalexpld.exe /ns

Nal pushes down, and runs for the admin users, and stays running as it
should, but ONLY for admin. For any other user that is set, Nalexpld
just runs for a couple seconds, and then crashes.

What we have tried:
1.Made sure no policy is blocking it
2.Tried running it manually (will not run)
3.Made sure all users had read and filescan rights to nalexpld.exe (they

Does anyone know why this would happen? Please help! We really need to
get this working.


Matt Stavert