Why isn't there an option that provides a force run of an application once
per workstation and also keeps the app icon available for verify - for any

This should be possible since many apps install for all users, e.g. Office
2003. Setting force run/run once will run the msi per user - an unecessesary

My current workaround is to have an application force run whose availability
is "application not installed" using itself as the application and to have a
second app with sync'd GUIDs available for verify.

I'm also testing this mode of install as a method of installing the core
applications to a machine - the machine is imaged, registered, and then an
application similar to above is used to install a set of dependant apps. The
application is simple with no run option and just dependant apps. This is
set to force run per workstation with "run as user if associated to
workstation set".

No doubt this has some pitfalls somewhere so any comments are greatly