I am a network tech for a large school district here in Ohio, and recently
we have installed ZfD 6.5 and SP1 on a server. We are testing out PXE
imaging and also the ability to push applications out to each workstation,
so when a new PC is brought in, we image it, and then log in as a specified
user to install all the Apps for that user object.
What I am wondering is :1) can the zfdagent be pushed to eash ws, and when
done, not be set to be open when a user logs in. We want the launcher to be
invisible to the user, but to install an app if we get soethign new inwe
want to push out.
2) Can the zfdagent be run for that one user we assign , or is it dependent
on the machine, so that no matter who logs in, it will show up, or not?
Thank for your help and suggestions.
dbole@mansfield.k12.oh.us for replies please.