I've installed Zenworks 6.5 quite some time ago and packaged up quite a
few applications and everything has been working perfectly.

We've now decided to implement the middle tier (which wasn't implemented
before. It all installed without a problem (on Port 85 - because we have
rather a complex setup and can't use 80).

Everything inside the firewall works fine. but once outside, users can
login to the middle tier and thay can see all the applications BUT as soon
as they try to install any one (it isn't just a single one, same for all)
they get the following messages :-

Failed to get cache application G-Spot.corp.nt-be Error code was D08B if
they OK this it is followed by
Could not get needed resources for application [G-Spot] to be launched
Problem: Script execution failed
if they then OK this the window closes and if they double click the app
again they get
unable to get attributes for application object [winrar.corp.nt-be](id=601)

Can anyone throw a bit of light?