So we had a whole bunch of NAL objects that were in various orders
(force run orders).

So, trying to be efficient, I'd ordered the applications accordingly
(ie, we have a few apps that cannot be chained, but that require other
apps to be installed first)

For some reason, it takes 10 minutes now to install an app (before it
shows up on the pc as a force run) as opposed to previously.

With only 25 apps being "force run", I set one of them to an order of 26
(there's a little gap in between some of the numbers).

At this point, I'm wondering if I'm almost better off just leaving them
all a Force Run of ZERO just so that it installs faster.

Don't know why the NAL just sits there for 10 minutes before running
that app (seems to sit around longer with ZEN 6.5 than it did with ZEN
4.01) this way.

Is this normal? Is there a more efficient way to ensure that apps get
distributed correctly AND quickly?