I have just tried to install Adobe Reader 7 by using snAppShot, this has
worked on a couple of machines but would not work on some others.

I was getting an error message along the lines of
' Error. Could not configure workstation for application (application
name.context) id=5'

and also 'Error. Problem: unable to process registry setting
(HKLM_.....) D016

I have read up on this and found that it is to do with the NALNTSERVICE
not running, the problem I have is that I think all of the machines have
been configured in the same way and have the same agents/clients on

I copied the reg key off a workstation that did work and merged it into
the registry on my machine (which then worked). The difference which I
noticed was that a folder called 'Security' was missing.

My question is why is this different? What is making the nalntservice
not run? as I cannot go to each machine and start merging reg keys when
maybe they dont need doing

Anyone have any ideas????