I have numerous installation folders on a Netware 6.5 server.

I have ZEN applications that install themselves by referring to the above
installation folders.

For some reason, only user objects or groups can be granted file access
rights to these install folders. To be more precise, I can assign rights
to workstation objects in Console One, but it does not work and my ZEN
apps keep getting MSI error 1612 which means no access. If I assign the
ZEN app to a user object with the same server file system rights the
application works fine.

I want all workstations in the organization (OU=workstations) to have at
least Read and File Scan rights to the installation folders. That way I
could push app installations, and all workstations are imported into the
OU so this won't require constant maintenance.

I could swear that some of my older apps were set up this way in ZEN4 and
they worked. I'm running ZEN for Desktops 6.5 SP1 now, and this
distribution method doesn't seem to work anymore.

Any ZEN master assistance would be appreciated,
John Reidenbach