Hi folks,

I'm getting some launch failures in one of my app objects that is
causing me no end of grief. I have a *very simple*, registry key-only
app object associated with all my workstations to set up WSUS. It is
workstation-associated, and set to distribute always. I'm constantly
getting errors like this in the reporting CSV log:

"Launch Failure","11","7/09/2005 1:15:22
PM","10_0_32_16-WIN2000.WORKSTATIONS.ZEN4.RC.CEDAR","10_0_32_16-WIN2000.WORKSTATIONS.ZEN4.RC.CEDAR",""," WSUS.APPLICATIONS.ZEN4.RC.CEDAR","F76338A8-B117-48AF-A6AF-79E93B38C099","12","Unknown
error occurred for application WSUS.APPLICATIONS.ZEN4.RC.CEDAR (id=0
[0], -1 [FFFFFFFF])","","","","","","","528512"

Most machines are registered in WSUS and operating correctly, so i know
it is working sometimes. However, the last few machines i've imaged
have not imported correctly. What can i do to narrow down the fault?

I'm running NW 6.5 SP2, ZfD 4.01, Win2000 SP4.