I work in an environment with a 97 site WAN connected with T-1's or
wireless. In the past when we used ZENworks 4.0.1. I was able to use a
program called GUIit to duplicate objects to other sites. That doesn't
work so well with ZEN6.5 because it uses the ZEN 3 toolkit and doesn't
understand the attributes of the new objects. Long story short, it doesn't

I'm looking at a program called ZENith from http://www.performingpcs.com/
but, holy cow is it expensive. I'm currently checking to see if they have
educational pricing.

The other program I am looking at is Zorro from www.novacoast.com. I've
had no luck with it working in our environment and am currently working
with their programmers to get it working.

Anyways, I was wondering what you guys have heard of or are using to deploy
your ZEN6.5 objects. I'm in serious need of a solution soon. I'd also
like to know your thoughts on what you use.


Kirk Rexin
Sacramento City USD