Ja, I know you're all probably sick to death of Mcafee questions, sorry!

I've used the Mcafee Installation Designer 8 to create an MSi package. I
have created an App-Object based upon this package. It is setup to run as
System User (Administrator). The users & Workstations have Supervisor
rights to the Directory where the install files are located. The
Application Launcher is properly configured for the workstations (helper &
Groups). When I login in as a user with local administrator rights it
works great. When I login as a user with standard user rights I get an
MSI Error 1603. MSI Logging tells me that error 1920 could not start
McafeeFrameWork service is the problem. So an issue with local workstation
rights. I've tried associating the App with just a workstation, problem
is still there.
Any Help would be greatly appreciated.