(1) I want to create an application object that will open up a particular
website in a browser which is NOT the default browser.

The default browser in my organization of 150 is Internet Explorer, and
I'm not about to change that. However, I'm using a site that everyone will
need to access (so I want an icon on their desktop for it) that REQUIRES
that I use Firefox, or it wont work correctly. I don't want to debate
browsers, I'm over that and just need to do this. So I want one click to
open the Firefox browser, and go to the right page.

I can go around to each of 150 computers and chanage the default page of
Firefox to the page I want, so that it will automatically come up, just by
having Firefox run...but I don't want to do that! Is this possible to do
easily, and from my own office? And can I do that without Firefox asking
to be the default browser, or anything else I haven't thought of?

(2) Also, I'm fairly new to Application Launcher...so I could use some
help with a patient person who's got time to go over some "configuration"
basics (proper paths in "run options", macros I might need) for my
particular situation, which I can describe more of then...I have already
used App Launcher to open up a particular URL in the DEFAULT browser, AND
I've already got App Launcher to run programs ALREADY on their C: drive
normally, etc., but it's things like getting it to download a new program
properly when they FIRST run it but don't have it, and so it's easy to
update when a new version of a program comes out, and have it know when
the version is different and download it when they run it after I've put
in a new version, where the best place is to put things on the server for
it to work best, etc.

Thanks for any help,