Hi there,

Can someone help me with this problem cause I'm lost.
Trying to distribute SPSS 13 to the workstations.
The users are just "user" on the workstation and they need something extra
in th registry to make it work.
I've got this e-mail from SPSS support:

Instructions for Windows XP users:

1. Log on as a local Administrator account.

2. Go to Start->Run and type regedit.

3. If you have SPSS 12 and earlier, navigate to

If you have SPSS 13, navigate to

4. While the {47B1FB50-33E0-11CE-BD75-00AA0059033A} or
{D5968DF7-3AB4-4C62-A6EF-C82D204AEC6C} key is highlighted, select the Edit
menu and choose Permissions.

5. Click the Advanced button and uncheck the "Inherit from parent the
permission entries that apply to child objects. Include these with entries
explicitly defined here." box. Choose Copy. Select the user account/group
under "Permission entries" and click Edit. Check Full Control and click OK
to accept the changes. Check the "Replace permission entries on all child
objects with entries shown here that apply to child objects" box and click
OK to accept the changes.

6. Exit the Registry Editor.

Well, this works when doing this by hand but how can I make this work with
zenworks ? I've created an security .inf file and I've imported this in
Zenworks but it doens't work, I don't even see the registry rights in
Any ideas ?

ps. running as secure or unsecure workstation doesn't work, it gives "path
not found" don't ask why.