I have
- NetWare Server: NW6.5/SP3 and ZFD 6.5/SP1b Desktop Management.
- Windows 2003/SP1 Terminal Server with the Citrix Presentation Server 3.
(the same problem exists with PS4).
- Client PC: W2K/SP4 or XPprof/SP2 with NWClient 4.91/SP1 German.

The problem is: I can open only 2 Citrix Applications on a client PC if I
define a Terminal Server Object.
When I try to open the third application, nothing happens (also the
fourth). If that problem happens, I see two ICA-Connections on the Citrix
The problem are not the applications objects, because I can open them all
if I open ony one application and close the other.

With the citrix neighborhoud, I can open as much applications over NAL on
the Terminal Server as I want. So I think the problem is on the novell
site. Also if I define the objects as simple objects (with parameters for
wfcrun32.exe), I can open as much applications as I want. With this, I see
only one ICA-Connection on the citrix server.

I have searched, but not found any restriction, which caused that problem.
Also with NAL in the debugging mode, I can see nothing which cause this
problem. I use no software metering.

Can anyone help me about this issue?

Thanks for any repy - Markus