We need assistance with Microsoft Project 2000 application object. We
have the object currently working on Windows XP Sp2 machine with Force
Cache on and under the MSI tab, Verify, "Use the re-cache source to
install package". We have several users that disconnect from the
network and we'd like to be able to have this set up for the
workstation or laptop to fix itself if disconnected from the network
and the app is broken.

We have noticed after a user logs in and log out, and logs back in, the
application object package re-caches from the network (we can see this
utilizing our tools to monitor the network). It appears this it remove
the c:\NALCACHE\PROJECT 2000 folder and replaces the whole >400M there
again each time you log in. As you can see this is unacceptable since
we could potentially have more than @400 objects hitting the network
(when this project is finished).

We have tried to select "run once", but if we are disconnected from the
network and delete the exe or other main file, it will error that it
cannot repair itself.

Is there a Zen policy that is creating this. The object is set up to
load per workstation, but there is a Current User registry setting for
the help that needs to be turned off for each user and that needs to
push for each user.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. THanks.