I have NW6.5/SP4 Server with ZFD6.5/SP1b installed. I must install the
ICA-Client onto many workstations with NAL.
I use the ICA32pkg.msi file and repackage them, because I don't need all of
the software.
I made via ConsoleOne a MSI-Object for deploying the msi-Package. For
installation I make the normal user to a local Administrator on the W2K/SP4
Clients with DLU. The installation looks ok, but after rebooting I cannot
open any Terminalserver Object on the Client.
Then on the same client, if I run the same msi-Object directly via Command
Prompt, after redeploying the package and rebooting; everything works fine.

What I'm doing wrong with the ICA32pkg.msi Objects for deploying in NAL?
Can anyone help me? I tried secure and unsecure user: the problem where the

Thanks - Markus