OK, so we have been using ZfD 4.01 IR5 until this summer. This summer we
upgraded all of our WinXP workstations from SP1 to SP2 and also ZfD from
4.01 IR5 to ZfD 6.5 SP1.

Since then, we have had a problem with apps being launched out of the NAL
not coming to the foreground.

Found a TID already on it that says to use TweakUI (which of course is not a
solution for 4500 machines). But the registry setting is:

ForegroundLockTimeout from 30d40 (200000) to 0. This key is
HK_Current_User\Control Panel\Desktop

Here's the thing, its already set to 0. So does ZfD set it to 0 and why
isn't Windows using the setting.

If we do the setting with TweakUI like it says, then it works. Did a snap
shot of before and after thinking it was doing something, but only that key
was changed.


1. Anyone else having this issue?
2. Any other general thoughts.