Hello all,

I am looking for a possible reason why this is not working.

I have added the application files to be pushed to the local workstation
(win98) for multires.exe.

In a particular application object, I want to use a pre launch script to
set the display properties to 800x600 with 16 bit color. The prelaunch
script looks as follows:

c:\multires\multires.exe /800,600,16 /exit

This does appear to run but display settings are not being changed.

I have also set the post launch script to the following command:

c:\multires\multires.exe /restore /exit

I see both the pre and post launch scripts running but they ahve no
effect. What am I missing?


Steve D.

Clients info:
NW Client 3.32 w/ latest patches
ZfD Agent is
Server info:
ZfD 4.0.1 with IR6