Strange Problem:
Nal will not run (launch) on windows 98 (client 3.4) dell gx1
It will launch on the xp workstations and work great.
On the 98 workstations it seems to try to launch and then cuts out, no
apps get loaded.
Also cannot start it manually.
One thing that seems to bother me is that the icon appears but leaves
about the same time the Etrust 7.1 launches its real time monitor.
This is happening to a large number of workstations , we have un
installed the agent, client, etc and reinstalled them and it still does
not work.
The workstations are getting imported.
I would suspect etrust 7 but Nal is working on 98 workstations that are
not older Dells and etrust is not bothering them.
Any clues would help.