I'm trying to distribute the 4.91sp1 client to my users, but to no
avail. I have ZFD 6.5sp1, with the ZenAgent installed on
the workstations. I created an app that points to the
\\<server>\sys\public\client\winnt\i386\setupnw.ex e on our NW server.
I'm using the /U parameter, and my Working directory is pointing to the
\\<server>\sys\public\client\winnt\i386 directory. when I run it, it
doesn't seem to be doing anything. I turn on logging, and there doesn't
seem to be any errors.

The users don't have admin rights to their WS, as they shouldn't. I
don't have the Update Agent configure on their currently installed
client, but it is setup for the new one. Has anyone been successful in
getting this to work? If so, please spread the wealth.