We are currently running Zenworks 6.5 SP1b on servers and agents. We have
noticed when we force run, it does not automatically take effect. So from
the application explore we issue a manual refresh. Sometimes we need to
run refresh 2.3 -5 times. Othertimes, the object doesn't automatically
kick off and we reboot, then it takes off.

We know we need to update the launcher config options moving forward. Our
core objects we will probably push with force run and others we will
launch from a shortcut object.

Allow users to exit YES
Always evaluate referrals No
Auto-start Application Launcher No
Bring all popup windows to the front Yes
Close Application Launcher on browser exit No
Configure remote access detection method Local
Display icon on desktop Yes
Display system tray icon Yes
Enable automatic icon cleanup Yes
Enable folder view Yes
Enable Helper (Workstation) Yes
Enable login Yes
Enable manual refresh Yes
Enable Middle Tier Login Yes
Enable personal folders No
Enable reading from removable cache Yes
Enable the checkpoint restart postpone button Yes
Enable timed refresh (User) No
Enable timed refresh (Workstation) No
Enable writing to the cache Yes
Enable writing to the cache(Workstation) Yes
Enable [All] folder Yes
Expand folder view on startup No
Name icon on desktop Application Explore
Read groups for applications (User) Yes
Read groups for applications (Workstation) Yes
Save window size and position Yes
Set application inheritance level (User) 1
Set application inheritance level (Workstation) 1
Set refresh frequency (User) 43200
Set refresh frequency (Workstation) 43200
Set the Random Refresh Spread 0
Specify E-mail attribute Internet Email Address
Top object TOP
Unassociated days to uninstall (User) 0
Unassociated days to uninstall (Workstation) 0
Watermark display property Default
Watermark source path

When the object doesn't run, we bring up properties on application explore
window and press F2 and MORE, it does not show the object in the list of

Any thoughts. We had questions on force run, which appears to work better
if we mark both force run and application explore, than if we just mark
force run.

Also, we had questions on force cache. Can someone give us some background
on utilizing force cache. We are trying to pull this off with MS Project
2000 and Office 2000 so it can fix itself off-line if the guys are
disconnected and traveling. This is the only thing we can see this being
useful for. Any thoughts would be appreciated.