Have an issue where I need to delete a Key in the registry and the key is
under the "Installer" section under a username.
I have 1000+ PC's so I need a generic solution because the username may
be different on each PC.

Well an old version of Notes has been succesfully uninstalled, but for
some reason it still sits in Control/Panel AddRemove Programs for the
original user that installed it.
When installing the new Notes version, an uninstall of the old entry
result in.. well you can guess... mayhem...

So I need to CLEAN the Add/rem ove programs of the old Notes entry, Step
1 is removing the MSI GUID from under the "UNINSTALL" Key simple since
this is unique and not under a user sub key - but the "INSTALLER" sub key
for the speceifik user also needs to go, and since the username is
differet on each PC, then HOW to do it ?

Anyway to use a wild card in the Delete Reg Key section under the
Distribution TAB ? Or anyone has a bright another idea ?

BTW Using ZfD 4.0

Kind Regards.....