I was trying to use ZEN for OpenOffice 1.1.4 customisation, like adding
the dictonary files. I used snapshot, and it basically works, but there
are several XML files, which contain the User-profile path of the user,
on which the snapshot was done. It would be an easy thing to change thi
spath, because xml files are ascii files, but ZfD 6.5SP1 (like ZfD
4.01) does not do the job. Search and Replace in the Textfile - Option
does not work...

The line in the looks like this:

<library:library library:name="Standard"
xlink:type="simple" library:link="false"/>

In this example, the admin should get exchanged to the name of the
corresponding user.

Is there any chance, to do it with ZfD? Of course, you could use some
scripting tools, but I would prefer to do it straight in ZfD.

Should I place an enhancement request? Maybe the editing of xml-files
would be requested more in future...

Jrgen Blessing