If I have two application objects, one is the msi install and the other is
the icon which points to the application that got installed to the local
PC and when it is double clicked the application launches.

I have the second application dependant of the installation application.
Is this a normal way to setup this type of chained application? Is it okay
for both applications to have different GUID's? Should they have the same
GUID's? What I am experiancing is with our field users who are force
caching the application we are seeing a lot of dependant application
failed messages when they try and launch the application from the second
icon application. The application will work fine for days and then all of
a sudden when they go and launch it this message appears. They are remote
employees with the agent only connected via cable, dsl, etc... We are
running ZDM 6.5 SP1a server side and agents.