I am just about ready to rollout a software distribution system for
campus using NAL's web interface.

Problem is, some of the people in networking with a lot of clout around
here are doing what they can to make sure it doesn't get any support
from the powers that be (and this includes the admins who control the
campus portal).

Why is this?

The biggest reason is that they don't like the fact that the NAL web
interface requires Internet Explorer to run. Any application or gadget
which requires a specific browser in order to run will not even be
considered. Our current system is a Notes database which provides a web
interface which will work on any browser. Of course it doesn't have any
hooks into our Netware file system which means we have network shares
like Office available to anyone since we don't have a good way to lock
it down better without using something like NAL.

Are there any plans to provide a plugin for another browser like Mozilla
Firefox? IBM/Lotus finally got their act together and released a
Firefox plugin for their web mail.

It is causing me some problems I would rather not have to deal with :)