I need to install an application and then immediately drop another
application on the same workstation.

I have a NAL app which installs Corel Suite 8 (yes, I know. If I had
anything to say about it we would not be using it). The problem is that
when it installs the spell checker won't work. It's some weirdness with
Corel and XP. I have a very small app which fixes the spell checker. For
some reason I can't quite yet figure out I can't combine the apps.
Importing the settings from the fixer app into the main distribution app
does not work. I'll figure it out but in the meantime I want to set things
up so that when I run the Corel app, it will immediately run the small fixer
app upon completion.

I can't seem to figure out how to do this. I can go backwards and create an
app chain on the fixer app which says that the Corel app has to install
first and then the fixer app will install. This seems kind of backwards.

Is there a way I can set things up so that when the main app is done it will
automatically start to install the fixer app?