Hi all

I am in the process of rolling out the new Mcafee client version 8.0i. The
way I'm trying to do this is by, pre-configuring the msi installation
package in Mcafee's Installation Designer 8.1, and then run it from the
msiexec.exe on the local machine on which I am installing the client
software to. I call the msiexec.exe from a ZENWorks 2 applicaiton object,
which do nothing else but running the msiexec.exe with the msi package as an
install parameter.

My problem is that even though I can chose a silent install both in the
installaion designer, and on the command prompt through the msiexec.exe, I
can't chose the license I have (a two year enterprise license). So no matter
if I chose the silent install or not, the installation will stop and ask the
user which license to install.

Does any one know of a way to pre-configure the Mcafee client with the
license information, so that I can create a true silent installation for my
users, without having the installation program popping up and asking them
for license information ?.
I have called Mcafee support for help a couple of times, but they don't seem
to be able to solve the problem (Which doesn't really impress me).