Using Admin Studio, I configured a transform file for zfdagent.msi. I have
it set to run as "unsecure system user." If a user clicks on the app in
NAL, the agent distributes fine and sends a successful report.

However, if I choose "pre-install" and the users are at the login in screen
(ie I want to do a lights out distribution), the app does not preinstall.
It sends a success report so I know Nal is kicking off and Nal seems to
think a successful distribution has occured. But there is nothing in
C:\program files\Novell and the user still has the old version of Zenworks.

As soon as the user logs in and runs Nal, the user can click on the app and
it installs.

Can anyone tell me what I am missing? Why won't this msi file preinstall?