I am trying to create a few shortcuts with a NAL app. These shortcuts don't
point to executables, they point to folders. I have found that I can not
create them when the target folder is on a network drive.

I am trying to create a Shortcut called "Private Documents" which points to
the folder "G:\Private" (G: being a mapped network drive).

I create the shortcut no problem but it's broken. The exact symptom I am
haing is detailed in TID 10096556.

The solution is to create the shortcuts manually and then use NAL to copy
them. I am not having any luck doing so. Is there something I should be

I create all the Shortcuts that I need manually. I thne copy them to a
netware server. I then try to create an app to copy the shortcuts to the
correct place but I can't seem to get NAL to allow me to copy shortcuts. It
keeps trying to copy the contents of the directory which I am pointing to
with the shortcut.

This seems like an extremely simple thing to do: Create some shortcuts on
all workstations which point to various locations on servers. But I've been
working on it for a day now with no end in sight.

Any help would be appreciated.


John Morgan