Hi all

I am trying to make a GroupWise 6.5 SP5 client roll out. The way I'm doing
it is by creating a ZENWorks application package using ZENWorks 2. I have
taken a PC and only installed the basic operating system a Windows 2000 SP4,
and only installed the NetWare 4.91 SP1 client and the iPrint 4.05 client.

I have on purpose build a cut down Windows 2000 PC instead of using one of
our standard builds, for that simple reason that with a minimum of
applications installed, there won't be generated a lot of uneccessary
registry settings and modified files that otherwise would be included in the
application object.

The application installs fine on some PC's but on others I get the following
error: "The procedure entry point WpeIsObfuscated could not be located in
the dynamic link library gwenv1.dll."

Unfortunately it's not only an error message during installation, it also
renders the GroupWise client unsuable, so you can't start the application
without getting the error, and the GroupWise client won't start up until I
manually uninstall it and reinstall the old version again.

Does anyone have a clue to what the error is, or what is causing it, or even
better have a fix for it ?.