The Goal is
" to assign an application install to a machine and make it show up on the
START menu, then the user can install or reinstall as needed'

To do this I've created an application(MSI)
- ID
- Icon
Discon = off
Wait on force run = off
Determine run order = off
show progress = on
User interface =
- Distro Options
- Options
Distr in wrkstn security space = on
reboot = never
prompt = prompt

- Run Options
- Application
Install only = on
Run once = off
- Environment
Run = Normal
16 bit = Shared
Executable = Run as unsecure
system user
cleanup = on
- Rights to files and folders
The application has been assigned = RWCEMF

Here comes the problem,
I log into the machine with a user that has no rights to the install
directory (since the workstation has rights it should work)
I run the MSI Endnote applictaion which only has an MSI no MST and no
other file and it works 100%.
I run the MSI "Symantec Antivirus 10" install, which has an MSI, MST and a
data MSI and it fails with a 1603 error. (MSI logging is of no help it
state it had trouble with the silent install, "No joke")

It seems to be that when the install is launched (manually by the logged
in user) the machine gets rights to read the install.msi but when the
install is running and needs to look for the MST or another MSI that it
uses it fails with a 1603.

If I log in as a user that has rights to the directory the application
installs from it installs ok.

If you change the app to "run as user" you get an error 1612, basically no
rights to the directory which is expected.

Am I asking the impossible ?