Good morning, I need some assistance understanding how the logic works
concerning dependant applications. Here is the scenerio:

1) Lotus Notes application installation MSI package
2) Lotus Notes application icon package (simple app)

Now the application icon package is a simple application only pointing at
a file on the C:\ (basically C:\Lotus\Notes\Notes.exe). And I have it
dependant of the MSI installation application package of Lotes Notes.

When a user launches #2 the icon application in most cases the application
launches and everything is aok. Which I would expect since it is just
launching C:\Lotus\Notes\Notes.exe. Is there any type of check that
happens as far as this application looking back at it's dependant
application? Every once and a while we will see a dependant application
failed to install message. The application still does exist and I can go
and manually launch it by creating a normal windows shortcut to the
application. It is just the ZEN application that does not launch.

Any ideas?