We are encountering a problem on our WinXP PCs after we upgrade to the
Zen6.5 sp2 Agent, from 3.2 Agent. We have some App Objects that create
shortcuts on our user's H:\ drives. When either Win2k or WinXP PCs had the
3.2 Agent on them, everything worked fine. When we upgraded to the 6.5
Agent, the NAL icon wouldn't open consistently on Win2k and never on WinXP.
We got the error about Group/shortcut setting.

We found that when we changed from h:\ in the Shortcut Location to
%Home_Directory%\, we could then get the NAL icon to create a shortcut on
the user's h:\ drive and open up the shortcut location from the Run Line.
Example of run line:
Path to file:
Working Directory:

But the problem is that WinXP doesn't recognize the .lnk file that is
created on the user's h:\ drive. It prompts for what program to open it
with. If we use the same App Object on our Win2k PCs with 6.5 Agent,
everything works fine with the created .lnk file. It even works correctly
on the WinXP PCs. But the shortcuts created via the App Object being
opened on WinXP doesn't work on either XP or 2k PCs.

Yes, it does work to manually create the shortcut file and have the App
Object put it on the h:\ drive, but there are LOTS that this would have to
be done to and I'd like another option. :P

Any ideas, thoughts or such input would be much appreciated. :)

Thanks much!