I have found that if I want to install an app using ZEN 6.5 using the
apps msi file and putting the full unc path to the msi

\\xyz\.cluster-core_zen.network services.xyz\distribu\app.msi

ZEN gives an error on run

"Problem: Install Failed. MSI returned error code: 1603"

If I change the path to a dns name to the msi to


The msi installs fine.

But if the app install does not have a msi file but an exe. I can use
the full unc path, but when I use the dns name and run the zen app I
get the following error message

"Could not launch notepad.applications.zenworks.xyz (using
\\zen\zworks\distribu\notepad.exe) (id=2) The system cannot find the
file specified."

As you can see zen removed .xyz.com from the path

I can not add the dns name to the local computers hosts file (My boss
said I can not)

Why does the msi does not like the full unc path? I would like to use
either the dns or the full unc path not both for all my zen app

Thank you in advance