Our environment has been having problems with MSI-based NAL objects for
a while, and I was wondering if there is anyone who's seen / can help
with my problems.

We run a mixed environment of Win 2K / XP. We have about 50% on Zen 4
and 50% on Zen 6.5, and the tree is updated to 6.5 (although objects are
still being managed with 4.0 snap-ins until the 6.5 client is pushed to
the entire environment). Our users are for the majority are in the
"Users" group through DLU.

We created a custom MSI of Adobe Acrobat Professional 7 with Admin
Studio which uninstalls any prior version of Acrobat Pro.
-On a clean machine (no prior versions of Professional) the MSI NAL will
install correctly as a regular user.
-On a machine that has Professional 5 installed (5 was installed from
the NAL by running a silent setup) the MSI NAL will install correctly as
a regular user.
-On any machine with 6, however, the MSI NAL will FAIL with 1603. The 6
NAL was a snapshot. It can be removed via Add/Remove programs. If I
run the MSI directly in a RUNAS environment, it will install fine,
uninstalling 6 first, so the problem isn't with the MSI. The MSI logs
from both ZEN and Windows XP state that "You need to be administrator to
install this product". The kicker is, if I am a member of the admin.
policy, the MSI NAL will uninstall 6 and install 7 with no errors.

This isn't the first time we've run into this. MS Project 2003 and MS
Visio 2003 act similarly. They won't fail with 1603, but after
installation it tries to "self-heal" and if you're an administrator, the
program will then launch. If you're a regular user, it fails.

We had another program, called Arbitron Data Express, that dies with
1603 on installation as a regular user, but works with admin. users.
Yet SPSS will install fine on the exact same machine as an MSI based NAL!!

For the time being, I'm reduced to create two objects, one to uninstall
6 and force the reboot, then have the users launch the 7 MSI, but I'd
like to investigate the larger problem so we can have things working as

Any help anyone can give would be greatly appreciated, and thanks in
-Josh Albright