I have a VB6 .EXE I wrote that records username, ip, mac, and workstation
name into a log file. I want this to run at user login.

I have created to policy packages. One a workstation, one a user.

I can get both to run, and they both get environment variable for
computername and everything else when ran under Zen. But I can't get them
to get Username from the environment. This does work when ran outside of Zen.

I have tried the various settings, and am running it as interactive user.
The other settings do not seem to have UNC access to record this info on
the network drive.

How do I get access to the usercode?

I don't want to move this to the network login script -=- it's already
there. I am trying to get the info for users not logging into the
directory but are using Zen.