Running 6.5 backend with 6.5/6.5sp2 agents.
ConsoleOne 1.3.6d
Distributing applications to WinXP laptop users who SHOULD, but may
not, have an NDS account.

Currently bogging down on iFolder, so I'll stick with that one.
Here's what happens:
iFolder uses setup.exe (as opposed to msi-based) and doesn't
particularly like to be installed via snapshot, so I've created a
package to copy the install source to a local directory (as .fil files)
and then the package runs [%path%\setup.exe]
It's neither pretty nor unattended, but allows remote/disconnected
users the ability to uninstall/reinstall certain applications if
We set the Dist Rules to "Always Show Icon" rather than use true/false
conditions. The package runs correctly when launched directly from

We export the app, verify that the resultant nalcache dir actually has
something in it, and copy the source and the autorun files to CD.

Now, AppExplorer won't always automatically refresh (yes, already found
the quirk about how 6.5 triggers the refresh differently than ZfD4).
Beyond that, App Explorer isn't even showing the app. We can browse to
the CD and see that the files are there, but it's almost as though it
app needs to be associated with a user or isn't meeting a distribution
rule. Strange as well is that our Tree view won't even show up in
AppExpl once the CD refreshes.
Stranger still is that an application that we created prior to
upgrading to the 6.5 backend (using the same version of C1) works like
a charm....

Any ideas? I've created about 20 coasters over the past couple of days