i hope i am in the correct newsgroup - sorry if not so!

We use NW6.5 SP4 and ZfD6.5 SP1a on the server and
NCL4.91 SP1 on the client.

We want to create a metered certificate for
license counting.

In nwadmn32.exe i created a metered certificate.
It is located in the object "Software.NWC"
The users are in the OU "NWUsers.NWC" and
the software is in the OU "NWSoftware.NWSystem.NWC"

If i am logged in with my NDS admin account
the counting of the licenses works correct.
(With my account i have created the certificate).

If i am logged in with another account (normal user)
the counting of the licenses does not work.
I can start the software more than 1 time.

The normal user and my account are in the same OU

I have granted trustees to the normal user but
no success.

Any ideas?