Hello. In our environment we have WIndows 98 boxes, Windows 2000 boxes
and Windows XP Professional boxes contaning various patches and services
packs with no sure commonality between any two given systems.

We are now working towards building a standard desktop configuration and
as part of that initiative we have decided to use the 4.91 Novell Client
and ZenWorks 6.5.

The problem we have is that there are only about half a dozen of us to do
the work and we have to hit about 1500 computers scattered across 5

We only have one certainty, every computer has at least some version of
the Novell client with the oldest version being 3.32 on Windows 98.

There are some versions of XP that may be running 3.32 and while only
about half of our systems have some version of ZenWorks (anywhere from
Zen 3.?? and up) many of these systems have it installed but for whatever
reason it does not start up.

With that information, does anyone know of the best way to (preferrably
with examples) of using our Novell network to get all of our systems up
to our preferred standard simply by having users log in? I imagine it
would need to start with a script that checks for the version of
Windows. If it's not Windows XP Professional we don't want to touch it
but we would like to be informed about that system's existence.

Once the script determines wether its XP or not it then needs to
determine if it should update the Novell Client, or would it be better to
update/install/re-install Zenworks at this stage and then use Zen works
to handle the updating of the client?

Any thoughts or ideas would be most welcomed! Thanks.