I need a little help understanding how I can make my Snapshot install
applications be available from multiple servers should the primary fail.

Here's what I want

Context: ZWS
App: Install_It
Snapshot Data: \\PRIMARYSERVER\vol1\snapshot\Install_it
Snapshot Data: \\SECONDARYSERVER\vol1\snapshot\Install_it

I used the Zenworks 6.5 Application properties of the Snapshot Install_It
application to set the Sources to include the SECONDARYSERVER data
location. I then turned on the Fault Tolerance and added the
SECONDARYSERVER to the list of sites so it would look to SECONDARYSERVER
for it's data should PRIMARYSERVER not be available. Trustee rights for RF
were set via the application file rights properties so it could read files
from either location.

I've tested it and it works ... But...
I tested it by unplugging the PRIMARYSERVER network connection.
What happens at that point is a long delay in installing the application.
I've verified that eventually the Application installs from the

This should happen rather quickly in my opinion. There should not be 1+
minute timeout to find that the PRIMARYSERVER is not available.

Is there anyway to fix this or am I doing something wrong ?

Any help would be appreciated.