In working with making Sysprepped images, I came across an interesting
problem. Our strategy is to deploy a completely clean image with nothing
but Novell Client and Zenworks on it. I have a number of common
applications that are to be installed after image time, such as Adobe
Reader, Office, etcetra. I have these workstation associated, distributed
in workstation space. This works just fine.

However, lets say the application is automatically distributed, but becomes
uninstalled from add/remove programs. I would like to have the application
be reinstalled. I figured that wiping out C:\NALCache would do it, but it
does not. If I force run the application, it works, but it installs every.
single. time. That's murder on our servers. If I do msiexec /x [product
code] it returns an error saying it is not installed, which is true because
it was removed from Add/Remove programs. If I bump the version number, it
will install again.

If I turn on reporting in Zenworks, the report just reads 'sucessfully
cached [application name]', and creates the relevant sub folders in

My question is, where in the world is NAL keeping the information? It's
obviously not NALCache because I can delete that all day and it never
works. It's not the internal Windows MSI database because it is correctly
stating that the product is not installed. I have no idea where else it
could be!