Is there a way to automate a NAL refresh, like is there a command line
for NALWIN32 to do a refresh or similar?

Part of our SOE build process, we have a VB script that kicks in after
Windows is functional, and that logs-in an SOEBUILD user, and then that
user has the core SOE applications force run on it.

Howerver, sometimes the App Explorer icons sits in the system tray, looks
like it's offline, and no apps distribute till you do either do an app-
explorer refresh or do an F5 on the desktop

The best we have been able to come up with, is add an extra bit to our
script that starts-up NALDIAG.EXE, and then stuff in an ALT-F7 on it. I
was even wondering if there were command line options for NALDIAG.EXE,
but can't find any info on that.

Also, when I mention that the app explorer looks offline, it has the two
bars across the icon, however when you right mouse click it "work
offline" is still an option, so it must be almost online, but not active

We have Zen 6.5 plus SP1

Ideas and assistance appreciated please