I have a zenapp set to copy 16MB of files to update our antivirus software
on the workstations. I've had problems with one of the drivers (170K) so
I'm back reving it.

Each time I do this, it looks as if the entire 16MB is copied to each
workstation. I have 64Kb links with 12+ clients doing this, so that's an

I have it configured to "Copy if different".

What does this do? Does this look at the version? If it uses the Windows
API GetFileVersionInfo api from "version.dll" to look at the version number
from the client, then this means that each time it checks each file it has
to copy the entire file down to check the version number. Thus every time
I incriment the zenapp version number, it will copy the entire 16MB down.???

Is that what's going on?