I'm experiencing problems wirh ZFD 6.5 on certain machines, W2K Sp4, with
deliviering applications. I have a machine that currently don't launch a

I've installed the Zfd 6.5 Client with no special settings. It imports ok
and I can Remote it as well. Associated the workstation object to an
application, rebooted and logged in, but the Zfd 6.5 splashscreen don't
show and application explorer / NAL don't start. I can manually start the
Application Explorer and when I do that, the app. is launched.

This is the way I've don it on most of our machines and it has worked well
on most of them. I've reinstalled the zfd agent with no improvement.
As I said, this works on most of the machines. Im not launching anything
from the loginscript, and have made no customization at all.

Why doesn't it start?
Isn't the agent supposed to launch all the time?
What do I need to look for?

Also, how do a get the application explorer to refresh to see if theres
anything new to install etc. Now, all my machines have to be rebooted in
order to get new applications launched.

Thanks for you time