Does anyone know of a way using ZfD 6.5 or 7.0 to modify the windows PATH
statement WITHOUT just replacing the path statement.

In the HKEY_Local_Machine -> System -> CurrentControlSet -> Control ->
Session Manager -> Environment -> Path
is the location for the search path of your windows environment. I am
trying to pull out a single component of that setting. For example
PATH = %DRIVE3%\ORAWIN8i\BIN;%SystemRoot%;etc... (Rest of Statement)
changed to
PATH = %SystemRoot%;etc.... (Rest of statement)

I want to pull out just the %DRIVE3%\ORAWIN8i\BIN from the above example
but leave the remaining search path variable in place. I don't know what
all other search paths may be in this variable and thus can't just replace
the entire path statement with a generic one.