we have implement the following procedure for workstations import and use:
all workstations are automatically imported in the "Workstations" container,
when the object is created a verification is made in the application
explorer of that workstation
to check the link between that workstation and the workstation object in
When that link is established the workstation object is moved to an
appropriate location,
representing a structure made of buildings and floors.
Application objects and policies are associated to those "building/floor"
containers and the machine receives appropriate software and printers.
"ou=Workstations" is a specific replica.

99.9% of workstations move are working well, but when moving workstation
between buildings or floors(within the same replica),
the link is lost and never re-established, the application explorer (debug
screen) says
"workstation Helper is not connected as". And this does not always occurs,
aprox 50%
All buildings and floors are on a same replica ([Root])
what could it be ? any idea ?