I got a question regarding administrator notes. I got several
applications that are distributed from nal application window and are
associated to groups. Now I find things that I have written in
administrator notes on the group in the registry which is very weird. I
also found hidden directories in c:\windows\system32 that are named from
parts of my administrator notes on the group. When I removed the
administrator notes from the group I stopped having these problems. I
located the problem to have something to do with Nal-Cache (c:\Nalcache,
also a hidden directory), because the applications that acted weird were
never cached in c:\Nalcache and when I removed the administrator notes
they were cached in c:\nalcache. It's not a big of a deal since I can
just remove the administrator notes I have and the applications will work
fine and I wont get any weird hidden directories in c:\windows\system32.
They were all .msi applications (Don't know if it's important)

I apologies for the bad English and I hope someone understands what I am
trying to explain.