We need to deploy Office 2003 templates and instead of having them at a
network path location, we want to be able to copy them to the hard drive
of every machine so they can utilize them when they are disconnected from
the network.

The question is currently we have a few templates and want to push them to
the workstations and that works with a simple app with application files
being copied to the workstation. We are trying to get something
functioning that would copy and/or delete files from the workstation. Say
for instance we push c:\program files\microsoft
office\custom\WPP\template1.dot, template2.dot, template3.dot, etc. This
works, then tomorrow we need to remove template3.dot and add another
subdirectory with files custom\SSN\www.pot, ww2.pot, etc. We assumed we
could add the new files and directory, issue a delete on template3.dot and
REV the application object, that this would work. It does not remove any
files. So then we tried to utilize the UNINSTALL because it was
originally configured. It only uninstalls the REV1 install, but does not
remove the original files. What is up??