Hi all,

I have taken a look though the whole of this forum and unfortunatly not
found an answer for this problem. I am probably blind if it is there so
I thought I would bite the bullet and make a post.

I have the Symantec Antivirus v10 installer I need to install onto
locked down Windows XP desktops (Users log in with Volatile Profiles and
are only part of the Users Group). I am using the MSI file to install
though NAL. The application is set to Run as an Unsecure System user,
however the same 1603 error happens even with set to Secure System User
and Normal User.

Taking a look though the log file, I notice this section which seem to
cause an error:

MSI (s) (D8:3C) [11:22:18:328]: Doing action:
MDACPRE_WrProvideStdDlls.7E4F6CB4_E769_4917_AA7E_0 E3CA074ABB3
Action 11:22:18:
MDACPRE_WrProvideStdDlls.7E4F6CB4_E769_4917_AA7E_0 E3CA074ABB3.
Action start 11:22:18:
MDACPRE_WrProvideStdDlls.7E4F6CB4_E769_4917_AA7E_0 E3CA074ABB3.
MSI (s) (D8:08) [11:22:18:344]: Invoking remote custom action. DLL:
C:\WINDOWS\Installer\MSI162.tmp, Entrypoint: Write_ProvideStdDlls
Providing C:\WINDOWS\msvcp71.dll
Error value: 5
Action ended 11:22:18:
MDACPRE_WrProvideStdDlls.7E4F6CB4_E769_4917_AA7E_0 E3CA074ABB3. Return
value 3.

I am running this though NAL so I would assume that the install would be
working elivated privlages.

If there is any more information you would like to know then please do
say, I will try to reply.

Thanks for your help in advance

Colin Barker